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Micro Distillery
in the heart of the
Okanagan Valley
BC, Canada

AlchemistDistiller-Logos RVB

The Staff

The Still and

The Apple

a Waltz with the Spirit of the Apple


Alchemist Distiller is an award-winning craft distillery run by a young couple, Sandrine and Simon.

Originally from France they transform Okanagan Apples into these golden elixirs. In between Art and Science, they hand craft the finest spirits, each with unique characters that guarantees a memorable experience.

The singular design of the still associated with Simon’s savoir-faire allows Alchemist Distiller to offer singular bouquet of flavors to enjoy and share with your closest friends.


Come try Alchemist’s awarded Gin, Absynthe and Nectar, the 2023 Canada’s best fruit Liqueur. Life is short, choose a drink with character.

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